About the Cyprus Dive Center Association

«Our environment, diver safety and regulation are the fundamentals of our operation»

Who are we?

The CDCA is a non for profit organization which operates under the auspices of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and intends to lead the Cyprus Diving Industry by offering support and assistance for both recreational and technical diving service providers and diving enthusiast from around the world.

Our Vision:

In cooperation with all Cyprus Government and Semi Government Organizations as well the private sector we aim to play a key role in the Mediterranean Sea Marine Life Protection, by the creation of artificial reefs, for the increase of marine reserves by the creation of new dive sites and marine parks.  

Our Philosophy:

Our members as ambassadors of Tourism assigned by the Cyprus Tourism Organization, protect and preserve, and lead by example. CDCA supports programs such as project aware, wrecks for reefs, Greening Cyprus, participate in Shark protection programs, lead beach cleanups on Earth Day, and encourage members and their customers to do the same.  

We ensure that our members and diving community understand and enjoy our magnificent marine environment and the importance of our Mediterranean Sea Ecosystems.


Through research and exploration the Association pledges to protect our reefs and wrecks that have become part of our Long underwater heritage. We pledge to promote awareness and the importance of a Healthy Eco Systems which without them our Mediterranean island would be seriously jeopardized.

We monitor underwater sites and keep records of marine biological diversity and to protect existing wrecks from pilfering and illegal fishing.

Future Plans:

To create new reefs by placing shipwrecks and other man made objects in areas where breeding of fish would be encouraged.