Dear Visitor,

A warm welcome to the newly developed website of our Association which we aim to be informative not only for our members but also for the wider community of diving in Cyprus.
Together with all our Board Members, we work hard to achieve the goals and objectives of our Association in order to benefit not only our members but also all other stakeholders turning to our Association for guidance and assistance.

Our Association has an important role to play in developing Cyprus as a diving destination. We work towards concentrating on the emerging opportunities and challenges ahead aiming to promote Cyprus, resolve existing problems and open up new perspectives.

It would be an omission if we do not mention that in this effort we work together and enjoy the valuable support and assistance of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation to wich we extend our wishful thanks.

Finally we would invite you to assist us to constantly improving our website with young constructive observations and comments.

On behalf of the Board of the Cyprus Dive Centres Association I wish you pleasant browsing.

Best regards,

Nicos Nicolaou